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Hand Mixer, 7 Speed, Onyx Black, Stainless Steel

Hand Mixer, 7 Speed, Onyx Black, Stainless Steel

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The KHM7210OB is ideal for anyone who loves to bake or cook. This high-quality hand mixer blends innovation and efficiency with a powerful, lightweight and quiet DC motor, making it perfect for any mixing task. Its 7-speed operation allows you to fine-tune your mixing intensity, from slowly stirring chunky ingredients to beating egg whites at the highest speed. You will appreciate the smooth performance of the stainless steel Turbo Beaters II which will mix even your heaviest components without clogging. A game-changing feature is the Pro Whisk that is excellent at whipping air into icings, whipped cream, and meringue. The mixer s design is as user-friendly as it is efficient. It offers a secure, soft-grip handle and non-tip heel rest, ensuring that the mixer doesn t tip over when placed on a surface. Activating the accessory ejector button releases the beater accessories, making cleaning and switching attachments a breeze. All this high performance doesn t mean a messy workspace. The Soft Start electronic control ensures a slow start to reduce flour puff and splatter for less mess. Further enhancing convenience is the lockable swivel cord, making it accessible for both left or right-handed users. The 62 in. power cord allows you ample room to maneuver. Whether you re mashing potatoes or whipping up dessert, the KHM7210OB is an excellent choice. You ll love the power, control and versatility on offer, making each culinary adventure a pleasure.

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