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Hammer Generator Breaker Interlock

Hammer Generator Breaker Interlock

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EATON/CUTLER HAMMER TYPE CH 150 & 200 AMP PANEL GENERATOR BREAKER INTERLOCK KIT anodized aluminum high quality This very high quality interlock kit is made for Eaton or Cutler Hammer type CH Panels without plug-on neutral. The panel must have a single horizontal throw main breaker spaced from 1 1/4 to 1 7/16to the closest branch breaker. You can also identify this panel easily from the depressed area in the cover over the main breaker. These kits are VERY high quality. The interlock itself is CNC machined from heavy aluminum stock, then prepared and color anodized for smooth operation and long lasting corrosion resistant appearance. They look great and they make you look great. After using these interlock kits you simply won t want to use any others! The kit comes with everything you need for the install including all hardware, the correct size high quality drill bit, thread locking compound, a breaker tie down and all labels and clear instructions.

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