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Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Pedal - Andy Apple Red

Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Pedal - Andy Apple Red

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Andy Timmons Divine Delay Stompbox. The halosound isn t just an effect for Andy Timmons — this coveted delay has been a crucial component of the guitarist s tone for decades, often imitated yet never replicated with absolute precision. With the Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Pedal, Andy s dynamic delay sound is immortalized in a single stompbox, making it easier than ever to tap into the mystique and aura of one of the electric guitar s tone wizards. The Halo operates like two pedals in one, with A and B sides available to lock in delays and quickly switch between them. A handy Rhythm Mode selector takes you from common delay types to a setting that instantly calls up Andy s unique haloeffect, with plenty of controls onboard to tweak your sound to perfection. Once you dial in the ideal effect, a built-in memory bank stores up to eight presets for instant recall, making it a cinch to take your signature sounds wherever you go. Whether it s a versatile delay you re after or a need to harness Andy s tone for your own, the Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Pedal deserves a place on every pedalboard.A wealth of controls to find your unique sound. While the Halo more than meets the needs of its inspiration, this impressive delay pedal boasts a variety of controls for you to chart your sonic path. To start, the Rhythm Mode selector quickly jumps between five unique delay types, taking you from quarter- and dotted-eighth-note delays to analog and tape options and even Andy s coveted haloeffect with a single turn. A Saturate control adds in tape compression to taste, with Tone and Highpass Filter knobs for limitless tone-shaping options. Standard Time and Feedback controls are your secret weapons for punching in ambiance and character, adding subtle chorus and flanger effects when set low and slow. Best of all, your favorite settings can be saved to the Halo as one of eight user presets, a critical feature for many Sweetwater guitarists who swap sounds on the fly in the studio and onstage.Like two delay pedals in one. One of the Halo s standout features is its A and B sides, transforming this dynamic delay into two effects housed in a single pedalboard-friendly enclosure. With Side A set as your primary effect and Side B as an alternative, it s a breeze to dial in unique echoes and swap between the two via the built-in footswitch. Keeley s Smart Stomp System enhances this pedal s functionality by allowing for tap tempo when either switch is held down, with remote switching and expression pedal control options allowing the Halo to fit comfortably in any rig.Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Pedal Features:. Andy Timmons coveted halodelay effect immortalized in a pedalboard-friendly stompbox. Acts as 2 delay pedals in one with up to 1,500ms delay time. Dial in settings for Sides A and B, then swap between the two via the footswitches. 5 delay types onboard: Halo, analog, tape, quarter-note, and dotted-eighth-note. Preset bank allows for 8 user presets to be stored and swapped on the fly. Smart Stomp System allows for tap tempo when footswitches are held down. Infinite repeat/hold via alternate stomp switch. Remote switching; programmable expression pedal control. True-bypass or trails operation. Guitar Pedals & Effects - Reverbs and Delays - Keeley Halo Andy Timmons Dual Echo Pedal - Andy Apple Red

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