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Guide Glove

Guide Glove

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After applying the patented HydraHyde treatment to grain cowhide leather, these full leather Guide Gloves quickly rose to the attention of the work and ski world alike. Combining the warmth factor provided by 150-gram (back) and 100-grams (palm) of 3M Thinsulate Insulation and a fleece-lined glove liner, these gloves wont let you down. The breathable insert gives the guide glove the perfect mix of comfort and protection from the outside elements. With the convenience of a grommet and carabiner clip for hanging and storing, these gloves are as practical as they are comfortable. Its functional, lightweight, breathable, and durable and provides warmth without bulk. HydraHyde — Equipped with water-resistance, breathability and flexibility. This feature keeps your hands dry while letting them breathe.

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