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Guard Ez-Shield-10 Solid Aluminum Gutter Guards

Guard Ez-Shield-10 Solid Aluminum Gutter Guards

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These hardworking new solid aluminum guards are made by E-Z-Gutter, the leader in gutter protection. Since 1983, E-Z-Gutter has been engineering innovative designs for every type of gutter and debris load. E-Z-Shield gutter guards are a snap to install. No screws are needed. Each section is notched for 3/4-inch overlap. The heavy-duty painted aluminum won t rust or rot. Made to stay put during rough weather, the guards easily snap out for routine maintenance. The reverse louvers allow maximum water flow-through but keep debris out. The black color is attractive as it visually blends with the roofline, but more importantly, it absorbs solar heat to expedite melting of snow and ice. Each box of guards will cover 40 feet of gutter.E-Z-Shield-10 Gutter Guards are designed to fit most 5 inch gutters that are used in over 80% of today s homes.

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