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Guard 100 Gal. Rectangle Transfer Tank 358-3-01

Guard 100 Gal. Rectangle Transfer Tank 358-3-01

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When it comes to color, the sky is no longer the limit with the debut of Mohawk s new Prismatic Collection. Different from traditional printed area rugs, this innovative new technology is ideal for crafting small batch collections with literally limitless color possibilities. Now, your floral area rug can bloom with the perfect palette, just as nature intended! Each original creation of the Prismatic Collection features innovative Precision Dye Injected technology, a plush base tufted with our exclusive ecofriendly EverStrand fiber, a premium recycled polyester yarn. EverStrand yarn is easy on the eyes and created from recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles. While EverStrand is renowned for its sensuously soft touch, this silky fiber also offers superior strength stain resistance, dependable durability and an illustrious color clarity. Refreshing and radiant colors come to life through a subtle light catching sheen that is inherent to the luxurious yarn.

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