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Grid Spherical Mips Helmet

Grid Spherical Mips Helmet

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Grid Mips Ski helmet (M, black) - Ski tourer, snowboarder or skier, winter sports fans are well-equipped with the Grid Mips ski helmet by ! This helmet boasts an impressively low weight, durability and comfort.MIPS technology optimally protects the head against rotational forces that pose a major risk of injury during side impacts. The lightweight construction of the helmet doesnt put unnecessary strain on the head and allows plenty of freedom of movement. Polartec Powergrid padding significantly enhances comfort by rapidly wicking away moisture. Adjustable thermostat control ventilation openings support the flow of fresh air. The ear pads can be removed if required. The In Form Fit 2 system and the Fidlock closure guarantee a safe, comfortable fit. The integrated camera mount is practical for action-packed descents and it is also possible to integrate an audio system. The Grid Mips is a good choice for ambitious winter sports fans!

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